The following are a list of quizes and fun little games that you are welcome to play.  I would ask that you not take them because I have spent so much time encoding them.  Have fun!  Oh!  And, please be fair warned, you must have Java Script capabilities to view these pages. 

The C.C.D. Mad Lib
  • Feel like messing with some of your favorite lines?  Well, with this mad lib you can do just that.  Come and feel free to add your own creative twist to "the elevator scene" from a Crystal Clear Destiny.
Are You a True Moonie?
  • Take this quiz and find out the answer to just that!  There are 10 question based on both the anime and manga versions of Sailor Moon. 
Who's Line is it Anyway?
  • Sounds like a TV show we all know and love, right?  Well, this has nothing to do with that other than it gave me the idea!  On the following pages you will find 20 lines from Sailor Moon, your job is to match the line with the character who said them.  Based on the Dic version of the anime.